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Nepal Environment & Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF) is a non-profit NGO working in the field of environment and tourism. The NGO works towards an economically winning combination of tourism and pristine environment, with the idea that a beautiful environment will attract tourism which in turn will stimulate local economies. We work with local communities to develop sustainable tourism.

Thanks to one of our keen hikers, a former worker at the Finnish Volunteers, Ms Tuulva & Ms Ritva we would like to share these interesting facts about the KVCTT.

Sundarijal to Chisapani 
16202 Foot Steps
12.5 Km

Chisapani to Nagarkot
31379 Foot Steps, 23.5 km

Nagarkot to Dhulikhel
25,753 Foot Steps, 19.3 Km

Dhulikhel to Panauti
29,463 Foot Steps, 22.09 Km


NOV 20th 2010 
Orange Blossom Hike - Namobuddha to Balthali

DEC 2010
Local level Meeting in Dhulikhel (General Assembly in Dhulikhel for the development of Kavre Tourism Master plan.

FEB 2011
Promotional Event – Pony Trekking from Nagarkot to Chisapani


Mr. Keshav Kunwar
Vice-President NETIF
MD- Silt Consultants

Keshav has been involved with NETIF since its incitation; he is an engineer with a passion for the environment preservation, tourism development and social works. Keshav has played an active role in greenery development in the grounds around Dhulikhel.

NETIF Board Members


Drop by the office to get a copy of our 2010/2011 NETIF brochure.

Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail booklet is also now available from our office.

NETIF is also giving away Chisapani Panorama Posters to anyone that Visits our Office.



After having signed the MoU between NRN (Non Residential Nepalese Association) and NETIF, NETIF was honoured to assist NRN in arranging the hike from Dhulikhel to Namobuddha. On the auspicious occasion of Dashain, the group of around 100 hikers (70 members of NRN, Volunteers, local community members and NETIF Staff) left Dhulikhel and headed for the climb up the Hajar Sidhi (1000 steps). This stone staircase which climbs above the picnic grounds in Dhulikhel through the jungle and to the Devistan temple was constructed with initial funding from NETIF board members and then completed with further funding from Dhulikhel Community. The concept was designed and supervised by Mr Keshav Kunwar who also contributed substantial financial.

Along the staircase you can find the 25 meter tall statue of Lord Buddha which was constructed by the NGO Shantiban. Hikers proceeded to Devistan and the temple there. Here trekkers paid special homage to the statue and underwent a blessing and tikka ceremony. This beautiful spot on the ridge commands panoramic views of the snow capped Himalaya from Annapurna in the East to Everest in the West and the rolling valleys around Dhulikhel below. In this place the NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) and the Department of Urban Building and Construction supported the construction of the viewing deck which was designed by Mr Keshav Kunwar..

At Devistan the official inauguration ceremony began with the gathered group, media representatives, dignitaries from Dhulikhel, Local Politicians and noted public figures present for speeches. The theme of the event was the pledging of NRN to help promote local level development through tourism and NRN’s commitment to promote tourism in Nepal and support local level communities in tourist related industries, and underlining their working commitment with NETIF, as well as NRN’s pledge to spread the message abroad about visit Nepal year 2011.

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After initiating and funding numerous trainings in Mushroom Farming and Briquette making in the project area, NETIF’s persistence and investment has paid off with a Mushroom Farming success storey in Dhulikhel. A group of six women and a NETIF village coordinator (Mr Uday Bhusan) took the bold steps to set up the first mushroom farm in Dhulikhel using skills learnt during NETIF’s training courses.

Two months ago the group invested around 1.2 Lak rupees to establish the farm with the help of NETIF, who donated 50% of the money for the original seed bags and straw and the guidance and technical support of the mushroom specialist advisor(Mr Ramu Raut) who is employed by NETIF. The farm started off with 1,100 bags of seed with each seed bag having the potential to yield up to 8kg of saleable mushrooms.

The budding entrepreneurs timed the harvest to coincide with the Dashian and Tihar festival’s when mushroom prices are at a premium. The first harvest of mushrooms hit the market during Dashain and the crop yielded 9 Lak rupees with a total profit of 4 lak, an outstanding first time effort. The mushrooms where sold on the local market with promotion helped by the Chefs Association of Dhulikhel and the Hotels Association of Dhulikhel and produce was brought by hoteliers in Dhulikhel and Banepa. This is a great success in one of the steps to meeting the demands of tourism business locally.

This success storey has given good encouragement for people in other areas like Chisapani, Nagarkot and Mulkharaka, all destinations along the KVCTT, who have also set up mushrooms farms but are currently waiting for the initial harvest. Kantipur National Television covered the projects in a news report on the 24th October. The project would not have been such a success without the ongoing support of NETIF, the initial training programs and the technical support provided by the Mushroom Advisor employed by NETIF. The next phase of hte project is to branch out into Button and Shitake Mushrooms to extend the marketing potential.


Join NETIF on this journey to experience the unspoilt villages of rural Nepal living in harmony with the natural environment. The program takes us from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel for a lavish buffet breakfast at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort and stunning views of the Himalaya, before returning to the bus for drive to the beautiful monastery at Namobuddha. Take some time to soak up the views and explore this monastery where the lord Buddha sacrificed his flesh to feed a starving tigress and her five cubs. Meanwhile help out NETIF in a small scale clean up session around the old Stupa. From Namobuddha we hike for three hours through the orange orchids, villages, fields and patches of jungle. Along the way you can sample as many of the local, sweet and juicy fruits as you care to. Arriving at Balthali village we take lunch at the resort and relax and enjoy some local music for a while before the transfer back to Kathmandu.

Event Details
Date: Saturday 20th of November 2010
Meeting: 6:30 am at Nepal Tourism Board, Birikutimandap, Kathmandu
Cost: 1500 nrs Per Person
Price Includes: Transport for the Day, breakfast, lunch, orange tasting, local guides.

For more information and event details please visit our website



Thickly vegetated hills, lush green valleys, authentic villages, welcoming hospitality and breathtaking Himalayan views are what await you in Nagarkot, the premiere Hill Station on the Kathmandu Valley Rim. Situated above the Kathmandu Valley to the north of the city at an altitude of 2300 meter this quaint Hill Stations is the ideal place to get away, enjoy the fresh air, soak up the mountain views and discover Nepal’s rich rural culture.

Nagarkot is easily accessed through Bhaktapur by road, by cycling or by hiking and offers a large variety of accommodations from simple affordable lodges and Home Stays to fine class Resorts and Hotels, something for everyone. So come and visit Nagarkot and enjoy the Hill Station’s charm during your escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

NETIF has a new plan in the pipeline, at the beginning of 2011, we plan to launch our Environment and Outdoor club to prospective members. The aim of the club is to build a network of like minded nature lovers and arrange monthly outings to promote local tourism, highlight the importance of preserving the environment and help people who live in Kathmandu get out and discover the beauty that abounds in the Valley.


The objective of forming a NETIF CLUB would be to promote NETIF amongst the local community in Kathmandu and showcase NETIF’s projects and works in promoting sustainable tourism

  • Build a network of outdoor and environment enthusiasts
  • Destination Promotion and benefiting local communities
  • Showcasing Kathmandu’s rural culture and encouraging open interaction by sharing activities like rice planting, village clean ups and crop harvesting.
  • To provide a place where people with common interests can meet and enjoy visiting places together. Also to introduce new expats and help them meet people and explore the Kathmandu Valley
  • To promote NETIF and our project
Nepal Environment Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF)
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