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Fundraising, Donations and Networking:

Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF) is a non-profit making NGO working in the field of environment and Tourism. NETIF, lives and works by the motto “Better Environment for Better Tourism “ . The benefit for creating a “Better Environment for Better Tourism” are almost limitless , let’s just imagine what a better environment for tourism would be like – a peaceful destination without pollution and waste where nature and wild life are protected and where friendship prevail among the hosts and guest , or a destination where each tourist will have a memorable holiday , local communities will have enough food , shelter and dignity and tourism entrepreneurs will have enough business and security . Think about it, it’s a win win situation that by working together we can help to build.

Of course to create such an ideal situation, the project requires some form of funding. Though we work with an international Partner , we are seeking additional funding to support our future projects and we are also seeking likeminded organizations, NGOs and INGOs to partner with the resourcing, fundraising and networks. Interested potential partners are requested to join with us to help with our vision of “Better Environment for Better Tourism”.

On a local scale we are also working hand in hand with local government bodies and tourism business houses to fund our project as their part of social responsibility. Our long term idea is that the project we install on a local level will eventually be handed over to the villagers and they are going to need support to carry on the work we have been doing. However, NETIF has initiated the “Environment & Heritage Support Fund” in the villages lying along the Kathmandu Valley Cultural trekking Trail. Placement of community donation boxes is an idea to institutionalize the donation from responsible tourists for the “Environment & Heritage Support Fund” The money collected goes to the bank account of the community and is used for waste management, conservation education and improvement of trails, culture / heritage conservation and development of green belts throughout our project area.

If you feel you can offer NETIF support then please contact us and we are willing to work with you. Please contact us for more information and details.

Nepal Environment Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF)
Lazimpat, Kathmandu
P.O. Box 21632
Phone No: 977-1-4433151


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