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NETIF Reports
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Join NETIF on this journey to experience the unspoilt villages of rural Nepal living in harmony with the natural environment.

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Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail - An Initiative towards Responsible Tourism

NETIF has been developing the Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail (KVCT) since the beginning of 2008.

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Exploring New Farming Methods – Mushroom Farming Report and Guideline

Over the last two years, NETIF has been undertaken several training programs in Mushrooms farming in local villages.

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Making the Change To Organic Farming and it's Benefits to the Tourism Sector, Local Communities and the Environment

Our Nepal has been blessed with an incredibly diverse geography, ranging from the heights of the Himal, to the rugged mountain slopes, subtropical foothills and the fertile Teri.

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In the chilly month of February, the team at NETIF decided to chase away the winter blues and do some serious promotion for tourism and the environment in Shivapuri - Nagarjun National Park and the villages of Chisapani and Mulkharka.

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Cultural Dance Training Program

Traditional cultural dances form the backbone of the old society and culture of rural Nepal. In lots of places and ethnic groups, these forms of traditional dances are being forgotten as the older generation passes on and the younger generation moves into a more modern culture filled with shopping malls,

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Briquette Making Training

One of NETIF’s main objectives is conservation of the environment. Under this objective falls the need to help manage and maintain deforestation in our National Parks. The underlying problem is the cutting of trees for firewood by villagers. Villagers rely heavily on firewood taken from the National Parks

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World Environment Day 2010

On the occasion of world Environment Day 2010, NETIF (Nepal Environment & Tourism Initiative Foundation), in conjunction with Dhulikhel Rotary Club, Dhulikhel Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Dhulikhel Chefs Association, organized a special event focused on the environment in and around Dhulikhel.

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Tourist Stakeholders Observe World Tourism Day 2009 in Nagarkot

On the auspicious occasion of “World tourism Day 2009’’ a one day workshop on Waste Management issues in tourism destination’s was organized in Nagarkot, where various tourism professionals, academics, journalists and entrepreneurs were present

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29th World Tourism Day 2008
“Tourism Responding To The Challenge Of Climate Change ”

To help celebrate the 29th World Tourism Day 2008, on the 25th of September, Nepal Environment & Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF) in conjunction with Suomen Latu (Finnish INGO) organized a cleanup campaign in the Shivapuri National Park which acted to clean up the area from Mulkharka Village down to the Sundarijal Bus Park.

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